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 By: Sulaiman B. Sowa

Interacting with public sectors workers through public education demonstrates the commitment of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to widen the space for more collaboration, education and participation in the fight against corruption.

In this regard, the Eastern Region Office of the Commission on 15th of February 2022, engaged officers of the 2nd Cobra Battalion Brigade of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) to resist bribery and stay vigilant in the fight against corruption. The engagement was held at the 2nd Cobra Battalion Brigade in Kenema.

Addressing the RSLAF officers during their morning parade, Senior Public Education Officer attached to the ACC’s Eastern Region office, Sulaiman B. Sowa, said that the military symbolizes discipline and independence which are core values of the Commission. He added that the mere presence of the military invokes a sense of respect and obedience to law and order. Mr. Sowa said, despite the primary role of the military as defenders of the country from external aggression, they should not forget that there is an internal war against corruption, which the military can support.

Mr. Sowa entreated military officers to uphold high levels of integrity and professionalism in the discharge of their duties and urged them not to see the fight against corruption as the sole responsibility of the Commission but rather a national duty and call to national service. He encouraged the officers to always address corruption by reporting any such incidence to the Commission.

Mr. Sowa informed officers that corruption is posing a security threat in the sub-region and made references to the recent coups in West Africa and the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria as related security issues primarily caused by corruption. He therefore called on the servicemen to resist bribery, reject corruption generally and stay vigilant by reporting same as the “military is an institution built on a culture of Discipline, Honor and Integrity.”

Responding to the anti-corruption messages, Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion, Kenema, Lieutenant Colonel M.A Kamara said the fight against corruption is the responsibility of all, emphasizing that the role of the military in the fight cannot be overemphasized. He asked all military officers to always resist, reject and report acts of corruption to the Commission at all times.

The ACC Team responded to questions posed by the officers during the engagement.