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As part of its mandate to monitor the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, the Secretariat on Wednesday, 1st February 2023, held an inception meeting at the ACC Headquarters Office, Cathedral House, Gloucester Street in Freetown, on the first quarter monitoring of outstanding action points in the implementation of the NACS 2019 - 2023. It is worth noting that, the implementation of the NACS is in its final year since it commenced in 2019.

During the past four years (4), the Secretariat has successfully implemented 544 action points representing 84%, of the total of the 832 action points that were allocated to all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Local Councils. The remaining 135 action points or 16% are what the Secretariat aims to clear up in the final year of the Strategy implementation.

In his opening remarks at the inception meeting of this year’s monitoring, the Director of NACS, Nabillahi-Musa Kamara Esq. thanked the monitoring team and MDAs present for their commitment to the implementation of the remaining action points. He said the NACS enables MDAs to sit and discuss corruption-related issues with the Commission. He mentioned that the strategy has recognized performing institutions with the issuance of certificates, whilst encouraging others to provide relevant documents to complete the implementation of their work plan. Mr. Kamara assured all present of the Commission’s continued support. Making her submission, Zainab Othman, Deputy Director of NACS, encouraged MDAs to sustain their agreed action points. She informed her audience that the NACS intends to build strong relationships between MDAs/Councils and the ACC. She also emphasized the role of the Integrity Management Committees (IMCs) in implementing the Strategy.

Representatives from the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), and the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education (MTHE) also made valuable contributions, where they affirmed their continued commitment to upholding the functionality of their IMCs and the implementation of the Strategy’s action plans to maintain the current compliance rate of the strategy.

The engagement was climaxed by monitoring outstanding action points for the MDAs present.

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