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 The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Regional Office in Kono, on Wednesday 10th May 2023, trained executive members of its Integrity Clubs in the district, and empowered them with anti-graft messages. The training took place at the Regional Office, 18 Sanssie Street, in Koidu City, Kono District, and aimed at capacitating the pupils on the general operations of the Commission; identify and discuss corruption prevalence in their schools and communities, and how they can support the fight against this scourge.

In her opening statement, the Regional Manager Hawanatu Omotayo Kamara welcomed the pupils, noting her delight for their desire and support to the fight against corruption, especially at such a formative stage. She disclosed that the training is designed to further capacitate them, whilst also stimulating their consciousness and desire to continue being Crusaders and Whistle Blowers in their schools and communities.

The Manager added that, the ACC continues to play its tremendous role in ensuring quality education is being provided for school pupils, as the much needed incentive to maximize the the Free Quality Education Program. She referred to the pupils as ambassadors in fighting corruption in their schools and communities and urged them not to indulge in any form of corruption wherever they find themselves. She encouraged them to ask questions during the exercise.

Senior Public Education Officer, Sam P Gogra charged the pupils to be change agents, informing them that the ACC and the country relies so much on that. He stressed on the importance of upholding accountability, integrity and respect for school laws and authorities as they are expected to be models of what they would be preaching.

Public Education Officer, Hawa Deen Conteh provided them with the different channels of reporting corruption and further provided them with the Commission’s toll free lines of 077985985/077986986. She maintained that the Commission is only taking the lead in fighting corruption, and therefore relies on the support of the public, primarily by way of resisting, rejecting and most importantly reporting any suspected instances of corruption.

ACC’s District Monitor, Patrick Hinga George, informed the pupils that the fight against corruption under the young and energetic leadership of Francis Ben Kaifala Esq. has made enormous improvements, with over Thirty Eight Billion Old Leones recovered and returned to the State. “Corruption is no longer a profitable enterprise as perpetrators of such act will be subjected to the due process of the law without the slightest hesitation”, he emphasized. Mr. George also highlighted some of the Corruption offences as contained in the Parent 2008 AC Act as amended in 2019.

On behalf of the pupils, Rejoice Blessings Sia Sam, of the Unique International Academy thanked the Commission for arming them with such knowledge on its operations, corruption and their roles as Integrity Club Members. She noted that it will be very useful in their regular anti-corruption talks during their school devotional service. She further assured the Commission of their unflinching support and promised to capacitate colleagues in other schools and communities all what they have been taught.