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By: Amie Massaquoi, Information Officer, ACC

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has held a series of awareness raising meetings on the Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) component of the Productive Social Safety Net and Youth Employment (PSSNYE) Project in Port Loko, Tonkolili and Kono districts respectively. The meetings were held in Mataska community in Port Loko, Old Town community, Magburaka, in Tonkolili and Koidu City, Kono on October, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2023 respectively.The PSSNYE is a project supported by the World Bank, UNICEF and the Government of Sierra Leone, implemented by the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), to help extremely poor households in the country, and to support Government’s agenda to provide social protection and employment to its citizens.The GRM component of the project is implemented by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to ensure smooth implementation and to also provide beneficiaries with the opportunity to report their grievances about issues that may arise during the implementation of the project.Deputy Director of Public Education and External Outreach of the ACC, Abubakarr Turay, told participants that the PSSNYE is a five-year scheme by the Government of Sierra Leone supported by the World Bank to alleviate poverty from extremely poor households through direct cash transfer and to provide entrepreneurship support and means of employment for young people. Under the direct cash transfer component of the project, he said, the cash will be given to those who will qualify as the poorest of the poor from extremely poor communities and those adversely affected by climate change. He reminded them of the just-concluded Social Safety Net and how it positively impacted the lives of beneficiaries.He assured them that the PSSNYE purse is much bigger and expansive.The Head of Outreach Unit ACC, Al-Hassan Sesay, emphasized on the impact of the project on the livelihoods of the beneficiaries. He said the project will enable beneficiaries to venture into small scale businesses, farming and other sources of work which will help them to earn money and take care of their families. The aim, he said, is to uplift people from poverty and help them live a meaningful life. Mr. Sesay also highlighted the role of potential beneficiaries and encouraged them to judiciously utilize the money that will be provided for them.Highlighting the role of the ACC and how to report corruption, Information Officer of ACC, Amie Massaquoi, said that the presence of the ACC in the project is to build the faith of the beneficiaries. She elaborated on the role of the Commission, stating that “the ACC will not condone any form of corruption and will ensure that full cash payment is made to every eligible beneficiary.” She advised that the cash given to beneficiaries is meant only for them and members of their households and should not be given as a tip to anyone. Miss Massaquoi also explained to the beneficiaries the various means of reporting grievances or corruption issues to the ACC, including via the use of the toll free lines of 077-985-985 or 077-986-986.In Port Loko, the District Monitor, Salifu Kamara, gave an overview of the PSSNYE Project and the mode of selecting beneficiaries.

Data Entry Officer, attached to the North-east region, Jennifer Sesay, while addressing participants in Tonkolili encouraged them to utilize the messages conveyed to them to ensure a smooth implementation of the project.

The Manager of the ACC Regional Office in Kono, Hawanatu Omotayo Kamara, while speaking to participants in the district, said women, persons living with disabilities and young people, will form the bulk of the beneficiaries of the project. She said that, under the emergency cash transfer, payments to beneficiaries will start soonest.Participants at the meetings thanked the Government, UNICEF, the World Bank and other partners for the project, which they said will make remarkable improvement and transformation in their lives and on their livelihoods.

They commended the ACC for their support in ensuring transparency in the project.The meetings were climaxed with a question and answer session.

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