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By: Christiana  F. Jusu, Public Education Officer,  ACC

The residents of Telu Town,  Bongor Chiefdom in Bo District have boldly declared support for the fight against corruption and embraced the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) as the institution that exists to sanitize the country and ensure the successful implementation of the Productive Social Safety Net and Youth Employment (PSSNYE) project. 

This public commitment was made in a Town Hall meeting, in Telu Town, on Thursday 19th October, 2023, where the Chiefdom Speaker, Bongor Chiefdom, Foday Bundu called on the community people to support the ACC for the growth and development of Sierra Leone. 

He furthered that  the Commission has achieved so much since the previous Social Safety Net (SSN) programme, and therefore has no doubt that it will again do remarkably well in the implementation of the current PSSNYE. Chiefdom Speaker encouraged his people to utilize the funds they would be receiving  judiciously.

Addressing the residents of Telu Town, ACC's Director, Public Education and External Outreach, Patrick Sandi paid glorying tributes to the World Bank, UNICEF, the Government of Sierra Leone,  ACC, and NaCSA for their spectacular roles in the project, highlighting the involvement of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the National Youth Commission. 

Director Sandi also disclosed to the people that the PSSNYE project is an approved Forty  ($40) Million Dollar project by the World Bank, for five years with components such as, Cash Transfers and Provision of Economic Inclusion Support, Productive Labor Intensive Public Works and Life Skills Support for Youth, Employment and Enterpreneurship Support for Youth, Systems Development and Coordination, GRM and citizens engagement and Contingency Emergency Component.

He encouraged the people of Bongor and the youth category to ensure the project succeeds amidst any unforeseeable challenges. 

Dilating on the Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) component of the project,  Michael Sesay, Head of Public Education Unit,  ACC, said the ACC was empowering communities on the PSSNYE so that they will know exactly what constitutes the project and the role of ACC in its implementation. He assured listeners of ACC presence in all stages even at Post Monitoring stage in order that the ACC would understand what had transpired at the time of the recent cash payments. Mr. Sesay implored his audience to take the project seriously as it will positively change their present state of poverty and also transform their lives. 

Elaborating on the people's role and the Commission’s expectations, Public Education Officer ACC, Christiana F. Jusu said that they are to utilize the funds properly in order to meet the Donors' intentions and the project objectives. She urged them to report any incidences of corruption to the ACC on toll-free lines 077-985-985 or 077-986-986 for prompt actions and interventions. 

Madam Jusu further highlighted the many success stories of ACC interventions into the then SSN project,  emphasising that those measures will also be infused into the now PSSNYE for successful implementation. 

In his submission as Chairman of the engagement, Andrew Forbie, Data Analyst, ACC,  reassured the people of ACC's alertness at all times, noting that the people must not allow or entertain any authority or stakeholder to undermine the project. He also informed them of the GRM in the Agriculture project, which the ACC is poised to ensure that the tenets of integrity and transparency are at the heart of its implementation.

The presentation of the Information,  Communication, and Educational materials for distribution to the diverse sections and beneficiary communities of the PSSNYE project climaxed the engagement. 

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