An independent institution established for the prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of corruption, corrupt practices and to provide for other related matters. 

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Address:  Integrity House, Tower Hill, Freetown Sierra Leone, West Africa.



During my Regentonian days, 

Harvard was a possible destination.

I opted to learn my trade at the Citadel of Learning.

The place where I was exposed to the menace,

I ended up fighting. 

After life at the mountain, I transposed into the school legal minds manufactured. 

Graduated top in my cohort 

But I knew deep down I was shallowly-equipped for my destiny. 

With passion and purpose, 

I touched down in the land that colonized Leo Land.

I enrolled in an academy whose name paid homage to a monarch from another era. 

My brain was sharpened with graduate-level knowledge in law and economics. 

With my newfound intellectual acumen,

I raced back to live my purpose-driven life in Leo Land.

I helped rebirth a movement of renaissance patriots, Engaged the digital space with pieces on trendy issues And participated in activities on good governance.

Later, I routed to the greatest land Leo Land’s colonizer colonized. 

At the cowboy state, my intellectual acumen expanded and re-sharpened.

I have always believed in equipping myself to erode my land of a menace. 

A few years ago, I accepted the call of my Stateman to serve in a complex post. 

During my tenure in the post, we recovered enormous wealth stolen from Leo Landers, Brought the post closer to the people, s

Summoned corrupt officials at the building by the Cotton Tree, and made gains in metrics that matter. 

Harvard called when I was wide awake,

Actively playing my part in freeing my nation from that one menace. 

As the war intensifies, The general must ensure he is fully equipped to command the troops to victory, 

And most importantly, bring the land back to its fullest potential. 

The reason I accepted the call from the Ivy League Tower is simple – Leo Land. 

Before I return home, 

My toolkit will be loaded, With additional intellectual weaponry on the Global Anti-Corruption Lab, Public Policy, Global Governance, Public International Law, International Environmental Law, International Criminal Law, International Negotiation, Legislation & Regulation, National Security Law, and Money & Capitalist Empire.

I am happy the Stateman granted me this permission to prepare myself for leadership and faithful service. 

I will return to Leo Land a dangerously educated lawyer…

Africa’s most dangerously educated lawyer 

Sitting on the other side of the negotiation table with the rest of the world.

Paul A. Conteh