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 By Hawanatu Omotayo Kamara, Regional Manager, ACC East - Kono


As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month and highlight the successes of women that have made exemplary changes in the workplace, communities and the country; I want to specially recognize women that are at the forefront battling to see the end of a deadly peril called corruption in Sierra Leone.

In March of every year, women are celebrated across the world; it is a chance to showcase their sense of self-worth, ability to determine one’s choice, their right to influence social change for themselves and accomplishments throughout history. March 8 is the International Women’s Day. It is set aside to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It also calls for positive change to advance women and raise awareness about women’s equality.

Corruption continues to be one of the main hindrances to Sierra Leone’s economic, political and social development. “In the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone, everyone has a role to play in order to ensure socio-economic and sustainable growth,” says Francis Ben Kaifala Esq., the Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in Sierra Leone. A more inclusive and impartial society supportive to global well-being can be achieved through gender equality and the empowerment of women.

In a world that is facing multiple crises and has put enormous pressure on communities, organisations etc; achieving gender equality is more vital than ever.  Investing in women across all aspects of life is the only way to secure a prosperous and a healthy planet for future generations. 

Gender equality and the empowerment of women is a fundamental driver for a more inclusive and equitable society. Women’s economic empowerment and their participation in the labour market will increase social cohesion, promote global well-being, reduce poverty and combat inequalities.

Women at the ACC who have been empowered to take the center stage in decision making have championed new initiatives and promoted transparency in order to ensure the eradication of the menace of corruption. Their extraordinary resilience, creativity, knowledge and expertise are contributing factors to the Commission’s massive gains in the fight against corruption.

In today’s edition, I want to highlight the exceptional work of a woman at the forefront of the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone; a woman that is setting positive examples and who has demonstrated that she is not only a victim of corruption but also a key player in fighting against it.


Madam Zainab A. Othman is the Deputy Director of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy at the Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission. She has worked as an anti-graft crusader for over 20 years.

This anti-graft campaigner graduated from the University of Sierra Leone with a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA General) from the prestigious Fourah Bay College and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Institute of Public Administration and Management. She has also attended several trainings on Anti-Corruption Prevention in and outside Sierra Leone.

This remarkable woman joined the Commission in 2001 as an Investigation Officer, a position she held until 2007 when she was transferred to the Public Education and Outreach Department as a Public Education Officer. Later that year, she was promoted to Senior Investigation Officer and reassigned to the Investigations Department. Her outstanding performance led her to be transferred to the Asset Declaration Unit- a newly established Unit in the Commission at that time- as a Senior Asset Declaration Officer.

Her impeccable character and dedication to her work saw her being promoted as the Head of the Unit in 2013. It was during her tenure as Head of the Unit that declaration of assets was proposed and tested from paper declaration to electronic declaration. This notable woman has participated in over 100 radio and television discussion programs geared towards promoting the work and activities of the asset declaration exercise and the Commission.

In 2023, she was promoted to Deputy Director of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy Department. Our noteworthy anti-graft crusader’s favourite anti-corruption quote comes from the current President of the United States of America Joe Biden: “Corruption is a cancer that eats away a citizen’s faith in democracy, diminishes the instinct for innovation and creativity.”

As I conclude, let me state that I embarked on writing these series consistent with the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, which is “Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress”. This calls for all of us to spend our time, money and influence on a woman because pushing back on equality benefits no one, while pushing forward benefits everyone.