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The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Regional Office in Kono has on Thursday, 12th October, 2023, held a meeting with the Kono District Football Association (KDFA) at the Association’s Secretariat in Koidu City, Kono, Eastern Sierra Leone. The engagement was intended to remind the Association about the work of the Commission, and equally bring to their attention about some of the concerns the Commission has received with regards the administration of the Association.

Making her statement, Regional Manager of the ACC, Hawanatu Omotayo Kamara, commended them for the reception to receive the Commission’s vital messages. She reminded them about some of the illegal practices that undermine the delivery of quality services. She accordingly highlighted some of the offences outlined in the Anti-Corruption Act 2008 as amended in 2019 and the corresponding sanctions. 

Mrs. Kamara said that the Commission often receives complaints from the public, noting that “these are serious concerns we are required to handle as a Commission.” She said that the KDFA has a critical role to play towards the development of football in the district and admonished them to be diligent in their work. 

Public Education Officer of ACC, Patricia J. Sannoh, in her statement, further emphasized the need for the Association to maintain integrity in the discharge of their duties. She maintained that football is known to unite people and that they should use it as a platform to kick corruption out of the country. 

Ms. Sannoh further urged them to be active in identifying and reporting suspected corruption offences. She encouraged them to make use of the channels of reporting through the toll free lines of 077985985, 077986986, or visit the Regional Office at 18 Sanssie Street, Koidu City.

The District Chairman of KDFA, Abubakarr Mansaray, thanked the Commission for its proactive measures in fighting corruption, especially for conducting such a public education engagement. He said that the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) was established by law and that the KDFA is a member in charge of football at the district level. He urged his colleagues to take the anti-corruption messages offered by the ACC seriously, as they serve as an eye opener to them as far as corruption issues are concerned.