An independent institution established for the prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of corruption, corrupt practices and to provide for other related matters. 

Contact us on: +23278832131 or info@anticorruption.gov.sl
Address:  Integrity House, Tower Hill, Freetown Sierra Leone, West Africa.



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2. 2 country has moved 39 spaces upwards in the TI rankings within the last five years, from 158 in 2008 to 119 in 2014. It is worthy to note that win ning the fight against corruption requires our united and determined effo rts. National integrity institutions such as the judiciary , the Sierra Leone correctional services, the Sierra Leone police , the auditor general , office of the ombudsman, the national public procurement authority, must take on anti corruption as a major ac tivity in their annual program plans. Civil society organizations will need to become more involved in the fight against corruption by expanding the scope of anti corruption partnerships which are critical for good governance. To make reporting of cor r uption easier and faster, the C ommission has developed a new internet application which can be accessed on Goo gle play in the Sierra L eone app using a smart phone . In the face of these successe s there are g reat challenges for us as a nation. The inabilit y of Sierra Leone to meet the qualification for the thresh old and compact package of the M illennium C hallenge C orporation (MCC) was due to the inadequate control of corruption. The delay in the implementation of the right of access to information need s imm ediate action. Given the dire consequences of allowing corruption to thrive in our country, as we observe the international anti corruption day let us remain steadfast and resist with all enthusiasm any act s of corruption in all spheres of life for the p rogress of our beloved country. I wish for us all a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year .

1. 1 STATEMENT OF THE COMMISSIONER , MR. JOSEPH FITZGERALD KAMARA ON THE COMMEMORATION OF INTERNATIONAL ANTI - CORRUPTION (IAC) DAY 9th DECEMBER 2014 Today December 9 is the day set aside by the United Nations a s the I nter national Anti - Corruption Day . Countrie s all over the world observe this day by raising people’s awareness on the damaging effects of corruption and what is required for combating and preventing it. As we observe this day in Sierra Le one under the dark cloud of the Ebola epidemic which has ne gatively impacted every sector of life in the country , the Commission sympathizes with our compatriots who have lost their loved ones to this affliction. T he ACC fully appreciates the selfless services of health workers who face life threatening challenges daily to defeat the pandemic . We as a Commission, will continue to pray for deliverance from this disease. Proactive measures have taken by the Commission to ensur e transparency and accountability in the use and management of public/donor resources meant to contain the virus . the A press statement cautioning on judicious expenditure was issued followed by a senior man agement team visit to regional E bola operational centres. The Commission is also keenly monitoring the disbursement and expenditure of Ebola funds. The Anti - Corruption Commission as the statutory organ that provides leadership in fighting corruption continues to discharge its mandate assiduously. T he National Anti - Corruption Strategy for 2014 - 20 18 was formally launched in June 2014. This strategy provides a comprehensive framework to c urb ing corruption in Minis tries departments and agencies with the establishment of Integrity Management Committees in all MDAs. To s trengthen this initiative , the ACC has undertaken the mainstreaming of ant i corruption measures in the civil service . In July this year the Commission launched the 2013 National Corruption Perception Survey report which indicated that 76 % of S ierra Leoneans have confidence in the effectiveness of the ACC . This finding is als o reflected in the 100% willingness of sierra Leoneans to join the fight against corruption. Manifestation of these is evidenced in t he 100% conviction rate in corruption cases pr osecuted in the high court of Sierra Leone . F or the first time the ACC secur ed convictions on the offences of “possession of unexplained wealth " and " failure to declare assets " . The Commission in 2014 also paid into the consolidated fund an amount of about five hundred million leones as recoveries from individuals and organization s. International recognition of these successes resulted in S ierra Leone attaining the first place benchmark by the C ommonwealth heads of anti corruption agencies in Africa as a country for transfer and peer learning. The Transparency International cor ruption perception index of 2014 shows Sierra Leone has made steady progress in the fight against corruption. Out of 174 countries surveyed in 2014, Sierra Leone is ranked 119, with a score of 31, which rates the Country ahead of Gambia, Togo, Cameroon, Ni geria, Kenya, and even Russia. The


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