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News Item

The Anti-Corruption Commission has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Commission for Democracy (NCD). The MoU permits both institutions to coordinates their activities and share resources in areas of mutual interest, especially in strengthening good governance and eradicating corruption. ACC Commissioner Joseph F. Kamara described the two institutions as twins which are joined together by a common aspiration for the truth and for justice.

 He said ACC and NDC have sound democratic credentials which they can demonstrate in their quest for upholding the tenets of good governance and for rebranding the nation to the outside world. Both institutions advocate for the practise of transparency and accountability and for the demonstration of integrity in public life, the ACC Commissioner said.

NCD boss, Dr. Abu Bakarr Kargbo, described the MOU signing as history with event that fosters synergy for a collaborative partnership aimed at enhancing the democratic functions of the country. Eradicating corruption relates to the mandate of NCD and therefore the MOU will guide both institutions as they pool their resources, share information, and coordinate programmes that fulfill their common interest. Amidst high hopes for a corrupt free society and for the furtherance of democratic good governance, NCD and ACC will address common challenges hindering the rule of law, the justice system, and ameliorate decadence in government institutions and tolerance to corruption. Dr Kargbo congratulated the ACC for its intolerance to corruption and for the success in cases prosecuted. He said serious civil consciousness and collective effort are required to fight graft.   

Deputy Commissioner ACC, Shollay Davies, who chaired the signing, said the inseparable twins will walk through a common path to advance their shared interest. He said fighting corruption promotes good governance, and this is why ACC and NCD are twins. He described the signing ceremony as a red letter day.

The Commission, in the last two years, has struck partnerships with strategic institutions that have added value to the fight against graft. The MOU signing between the Commission and NCD is the latest of such partnerships.