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The Regional Manager of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Office in Kono has called on the Tankoro Chiefdom Development Committee, section chiefs, town chiefs of the Woafeh section in Tankoro Chiefdom to maintain transparency and accountability in management and utilization of the surface rents and the Diamond DACDF funds. She made the call during the disbursement of surface rent funds to town chiefs, mammy queens, youth leaders, councillors and section chiefs of Woafeh Section at the Woama Community Hall on 10t June, 2024.

The ACC Regional Manager Hawanatu Omotayo Kamara further expressed gratitude to the chiefdom authorities of Tankoro for inviting the ACC to observe the payment process. She continued that the Commission has held meetings with the Community Development Committee in order to ensure transparency and accountability in the handling of development funds in the chiefdom, adding that, it will forester tranquillity and peace amongst the people of the chiefdom. “Community people have been sensitised on corruption and its adverse effects and to ask questions on developmental projects in their communities. We are looking forward to a district where projects are judiciously implemented, free of corruption and other related crimes, as this will forester development and growth in the district,” the Manager averred.

Mrs. Kamara reminded the chiefdom authorities and beneficiaries of the offences enshrined in the Anti-Corruption Act 2008 (as amended in 2019), such as, misappropriation of donor funds, possession of unexplained wealth, offering, soliciting and accepting advantage, influencing a public officer, receiving gift for a corrupt purpose, etc.

Investigation Officer, ACC, Dauda Kaikai, underscored that there is a penalty in the Act for failure to furnish information and giving false answers to the Commission. The investigator continued that a person who dishonestly appropriates properties or funds donated for the development of a community has committed a crime. He further added that monies to be received are captioned as “Public Funds” and that it is an offence to misappropriate public funds, revenue or properties. He therefore assured them of the Commission’s commitments in fighting against corruption not only in the district but the country as a whole.

In reporting suspected corruption matters, Public Education Officer, ACC, Patricia J. Sannoh told the participants that the Kono Regional Office is located at 18 Sanssie Street, Bungalow. She also told them that they can report corruption by writing a letter to the Commission, sending text message or phone call to the toll free lines- 077-985985 / 088-986986.  She reminded them of the whistle blower protection policy and assured them that there are professional people who will welcome them and take their reports professionally.

Earlier, while welcoming the team from ACC on behalf of the Paramount Chief, the town chief of   Woama Village, Aiah James said that the Commission’s key role is to monitor and observe the process in order to ensure transparency and accountability during the disbursement of the surface rents. He called on all the stakeholders to channel their grievances and concerns to the ACC rather than going to the social media.

Speaking on the importance of the surface rents, the Chiefdom Treasury Clerk, Sahr Kpakama said that the funds disbursed are surface rents paid by the Koidu Limited Mining Company. He said that disbursement of the surface rents have been revised and now divided into four parts: 70 percent to the land owing family, 10 percent each to the Paramount Chief, Constituency Development and the District Council.  The treasury clerk added that the monies to be disbursed were the 70 percent for the land owners. He therefore urged the beneficiaries to use the monies judiciously and for the intended purposes.