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 The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Regional Office in Kono has engaged councillors of the Kono District Council to refrain from all forms of corruption in their various Wards and to portray patriotism, transparency and accountability when performing their duties as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS).

The engagement was held at the Council’s Hall on 22nd April, 2024, while councillors across the district and council stakeholders converged during their monthly council meeting.

In her statement, the Regional Manager, Hawanatu O. Kamara, said that the meeting was held to solicit undiluted support from councillors across the district in the fight against graft.

The Manager described councillors as “the watchdog for development in their wards”and therefore, should be seen playing active role as anti-corruption ambassadors in order to enhance tangible and sustainable development in their Wards.

Mrs. Kamara further admonished the councillors to help with the proper implementation of the Productive Social Safety Net and Youth Employment (PSSNYE) project, as there have been allegations that some of the councillors are extorting from people to get them enlisted in the project. “Councillors are supposed to aid development in their wards other than extorting monies from the community people,” she asserted.

The Regional Manager informed the audience that it is mandatory for ALL politically exposed persons to declare their assets, income and liabilities with the ACC. She said the declaration exercise for this year has been extended to April 30.

She continued that, over the past years, the ACC has scored high marks in global ratings and that other countries are visiting the Commission to learn lessons. Mrs. Kamara encouraged the Council to support the fight against corruption in order for Sierra Leone to continue to improve on those gains.

ACC’s Public Education Officer, Kono Regional Office, Patricia Sannoh stated that the incalculable achievements recorded by the Commission under the astute leadership of Francis Ben Kaifala Esq. has successfully rebranded the image of Sierra Leone and respectfully positioned her on the global stage. She concluded by reminding the audience that the fight against the scourge could only be achieved through a concerted effort of all Sierra Leoneans.

In order to build and increase their knowledge on the offences in the Anti-Corruption Act of 2008 (as amended in 2019), Senior Public Education Officer Sam P Gogra gave a succinct overview of the corruption offences in the Act. Mr Gogra informed the audience that the Act has several offences such as misappropriation of public funds, possession of unexplained wealth, bribery, conflict of interest, failure to declare or false declaration of assets, etc.

The Senior Public Educator also admonished and encouraged the audience to report all acts of corruption through the toll-free lines of 077-985-985 and 077-986-986. He assured his audience to be fearless but fair in reporting corruption as the law makes provision for the protection of whistle-blowers as well as punishment for malicious/false reports.

Responding to the ACC messages, the Deputy Chief Administrator, John Lawrence Mansaray thanked the team from the Commission for updating the councillors and council staff on its work. He described such engagements by the Commission as a good and proactive move towards the minimization of corruption in public offices. He pledged his Council’s support to the ACC in helping fight against corruption in the district.

Earlier, welcoming the team from the ACC, the Deputy Chairperson of the Council, Rebecca Yambasu expressed delight at the inexorable manner the Commission has been fighting corruption in the district and the country. She informed members that the Commission’s approach to fighting corruption through prevention is a laudable one and has reduced the fear Government workers had for the ACC, noting that, it has improved the relationship between them. These attributes portrayed by the Commission has led to the successful reduction of corruption occurrences in the country, she concluded.

A question and answer session formed the high point of the meeting.


Public Education and Outreach Unit

ACC Kono Regional Office