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ACC Kenema Office engages MDAs on the Development of a new Strategy

News Item

 5th October, 2018

As the implementation of the 2014-2018 National Anti Corruption Strategy (NACS) ends this year, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) office in Kenema on Tuesday 25th September, 2018 engaged focal persons of Integrity Management Committees (IMCs) of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in Kenema on the review process of the current strategy and the development of the 2019-2023 Strategy.

ACC Eastern Region Manager Keifala Koi described the NACS as the nation's roadmap to fight corruption, a document that has detailed recommended actions for all MDAs. He said when MDAs take internal control measures to address integrity and corruption issues the opportunities for corruption will be very limited.

ACC Public Education Officer Sylvanus Blake told the audience that recommended actions contained in the 2014-2018 NACS were not well implemented by some MDAs. He admonished the IMC Focal Persons to take the implementation of the NACS as their own internal ways to suppress and prevent corruption, as well as improve service delivery. He said that MDAs who were more responsive to the NACS implementation process have experienced positive public perception about them.

“Corruption thrives in a loose and weak system,” Mr. Blake said, adding that the Commission is way ahead in the development of the 2019-2023 NACS and therefore encouraged all MDAs present to use the opportunity to highlight the grey areas in their operations. He said that the Civil Society Monitoring report on the implementation of the 2014-2018 NACS, which assessed the compliance of all MDAs to the recommended actions, was complete and it will be distributed to them.

Vehicle Examiner for the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) East, Abdul Karim Koroma expressed confidence in the strategic policy move by the ACC to domesticate the fight against corruption by giving the MDAs themselves a role in the fight against corruption in their own establishments.

After several deliberations, the MDAs present requested the ACC to ensure that the consultants for the development of the new NACS visit every district and public offices during their consultation for their views and suggestions to be captured.Start writing here...