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 By: Jeneba Kemoh, Public Education Officer. ACC-Kenema


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Eastern Regional office on Wednesday 16th November, 2022 launched the Kailahun District Council’s Citizens’ Service Delivery Charter at the Kailahun District Council Hall.

Making a statement at the launch, Abibatu Abu-Miatta, Prevention Officer, ACC said the Charter which is a document of commitments made by Government Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to its citizens and the general public in relation to the attainment of effective service delivery. She noted that it is a presidential mandate that all MDAs should adhere to, as it is also the mandate of the Prevention Department to invoke the powers of Section 7 (A) of the 2008 Anti-Corruption Act as amended in 2019, in order to suppress and prevent corruption.      

She furthered that the Service Charter is a tool meant to reduce work load on staff as it enhances transparency and accountability. She emphasized that the Charter is a very strong tool to prevent corruption and other anomalies that are incentives for corruption to exist in public institutions. She however called on the Management of the Council, Media and Civil Society groups to operationalize and popularize to the general public the existence of the Service Charter.

ACC’s Public Education Officer, Jeneba Kemoh M'bayo underscored that, the launch of the Charter is borne out of the Commission’s desire tackle the menace–corruption, and ensure sanity in Government institutions. She described the Charter as a written agreement between the Council and the people of Kailahun, adding that it showcases the various services and costs Council is providing to the general public. This she added empowers citizens by way of awareness and consciousness, as safeguards to protect them and also ease the pressure on the public officers.

Acting Chief Administrator of the Kailahun District Council, Jonathan Combey, in his submission expressed his delight in the Commission’s support to their work. He disclosed that they have been working with the ACC on the development and launch of the Charter, and that he is pleased that such a document has been finalized and launched.

Salient contributions from representatives of various media outlets and civil society organizations in Kailahun District and the official launch of the Service Charter formed the high point of the ceremony.