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 By: Jeneba Kemoh, Public Education Officer ACC-Kenema


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Eastern Regional Office, on 21st November, 2022, officially launched the Kenema District Council Citizens’ Service Delivery Charter, at the Kenema District Council Conference Hall, in Kenema.

The Acting Regional Manager, ACC East, Belinda Hebron in her statement said the mandate of the Commission is to ensure that public institutions are accountable and transparent to the public through the, development, display and popularization of the contents service delivery charters.

She registered her appreciation to the Management of the Council for the finalization of the Charter and also commended the Council on its excellent performance in the National Anti-Corruption Strategy implementation monitoring report-hitting a 100% score.

Mrs. Hebron urged the Council not to relent, but to sustain the integrity and professionalism. She further encouraged them to popularize the Charter so that all residents get to understand what it entails

Speaking at the launch, Prevention Officer, ACC, Abibatu Abu-Miatta disclosed that the ACC has been working with the Council on the validation and launch of the Charter.  She said the prevention arm of the ACC is charged with the responsibility, to take all steps deemed necessary to tackle corruption. Therefore, Citizens Service Delivery Charter is important, to stimulate public awareness by defining the services to be provided by the public institution, the cost for the services and the duration within which the services would be provided, which ultimately, will promote and enhance transparency in public service delivery.

The Prevention Officer urged all workers of Council to popularize the Charter to the general public.

Civil Society Representative, Augustine Sannoh, in his submission, expressed delight for being part of the launch, describing the Charter as an effective tool to tackle corruption in the Council. He encouraged all employees of Council to comply with the spirit and letters of the Charter, adding that it should not be displayed for the purposes of ‘decoration’. Concluding, Mr. Sannoh commended the ACC, for its recent gains and achievements in the fight against corruption.  He pledged to collaborate with other Civil Society Organizations within the region to adequately popularize the contents and details of the Charter.

Integrity Management Committee focal person, Kenema District Council, Mohamed Jalloh, who is also the Internal Auditor of the Council, expressed beautiful sentiments at the finalization and launch of the Charter. He said, undoubtedly, the Charter will help reduce their workload and ensure accountable and transparency at the Council, which they seek to maximize.