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26th February, 2020


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has, on 24th February, 2020, delivered a public lecture to students and lecturers of the Sociology Department, Njala University,on the content of the current 2019-2023National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS).

The event took place at the Social Science Hall, Torwarma Campus, Bo.

Welcoming the team from the ACC, Tommy Hanciles, Lecturer at the Department of Sociology, said the public lecture was timely as it bolsters the Department’s work by educating students on strategies used in the fight against corruption. He said that the public lecture will not only broaden the knowledge base of students and lecturers but also foster collaboration and partnership in the fight against corruption; noting that the University is a strong pillar upon which integrity, transparency and accountability can be anchored to fight corruption.

Dilating on the purpose of the lecture, Ibrahim  Munu, a Sociology Lecturer, said the invitation to the ACC for a public lecture was initiated by the Department to give students and lecturers the opportunity to understand the NACS 2019-2023 and to further demonstrate the Department’s zero tolerance stanceon corruption. Mr. Munu informed the ACC team and students that the Department is planning to introduce a new module on anti-corruption studies which would enable students to grasp the basic concepts and applications of anti-graft laws in various spheres of life.

Addressing a jam-packed hall, Deputy Director of the NACS Secretariat at the ACC, Edita Fofana started off by commending students and lecturers of the Department of Sociology for the invitation extended to the Commission to host a public lecture. She told the students and lecturers that corruption was the very reason for the challenges faced by the University in providing quality education.

Mrs. Fofana took students through an interactive presentation by encapsulating the objectives and strategies of the NACS, adding that it is the country’s roadmap to combat corruption. She further stated that the aim of the strategy is to promote and implement corruption prevention measures and raise public awareness on same, in a bid to enhance sustainable partnership and strengthen integrity, transparency and accountability in the management of public resources. Mrs. Fofana reassured students and lecturers of the Commission’s determination to combat all levels of corruption.

Wilfred Bangura, Manager at the NACS Secretariat described the NACS as a reflection of the views of Sierra Leoneans as to how corruption can be tackled using various strategies. He said all what was presented by Mrs. Fofana boils down to strengthening of systems, procedures and processes to prevent corruption in public institutions. He said that such could not be achieved by the ACC alone but through the determination and collective efforts of all. Mr. Bangura advised students to desist from examination malpractices, warning that there is an expressed offence under the Anti-Corruption Amendment Act 2019 aimed at curbing such practices.

The presentation was climaxed by an interactive question-and-answer session.