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By Jeneba B. Kemoh

In an effort to promote continuous collaboration and uphold integrity in the fight against corruption, the Regional office of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in Kenema has, on 16th February 2022, engaged and motivated officers of the Sierra Leone Police in Kenema on ‘Resisting Bribery and Upholding Integrity in the Workplace’. The engagement took place at the Kenema Division of the Sierra Leone Police during their morning parade.

Speaking to police officers on the purpose of the engagement, Public Education Officer ACC, Jeneba Kemoh said that as a mandate of the Commission, educating public institutions is key in the fight against corruption as it serves to inform, remind, educate and inspire public officers to stay true to their service to the State. She noted that whilst ignorance of the law is no excuse, many unprofessional conducts by police officers are done out of ignorance and lack of integrity.

Motivating police officers on upholding integrity in law enforcement and protection of lives and property; ACC’s Senior Public Education Officer, Sulaiman B. Sowa said police officers should embrace integrity to remain dedicated, committed, honest and focused on protecting lives and properties. He said further that corruption is a human conduct which can be prevented by upholding integrity, which he described as the ability to uphold and stay true to rules and moral values.

Mr. Sowa entreated the officers to be proud of their job and exhibit high levels of integrity and honesty that make them anti-corruption ambassadors. He said one attribute of professionalism is decency, noting that public perception about decency speaks to honesty, respect and honor. He therefore called on police officers to appear as decent as the mandate of their job requires.

Mr. Sowa also said that corruption has not benefited anybody and that they should not be distracted by the short-lived wealth that corruption brings as it only ends people in trouble and jail. He concluded by reassuring all that their service to nation cannot be paid by the volume of their salaries or any bribe but by God who rewards people in this life and the hereafter.

Appreciating the engagement, Local Unit Commander of the Sierra Leone Police Kenema Division, Maurice Kamara, thanked the Commission for the motivational messages to the officers. He reiterated that integrity is key in their job, describing it as “doing the right thing without being monitored to do so”. He said ACC’s public education engagements are necessary to keep them informed, educated and reminded about their dos and don’ts in the fight against corruption. He promised that they will disseminate the messages to other officers who were on duty at the time of the engagement.