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By: Amie Massaquoi, Information Officer.

The Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) has engaged Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) in the popularization of the three systems review report conducted by the Prevention Department of the ACC with support from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). The engagement which took place in Moyamba District, Bonthe District and Bo District respectively was to popularize the contents of the three Systems Review Report on National Telecommunication Authority (NaTCA), Ministry of Water Resources and the Sierra Leone National Fire Force (SLNFF). 

With teams set up for the popularization of the three systems report, the Director of Public Education and External Outreach Department of the ACC, Patrick Sandi and his team embarked on a three-day popularization in the Southern region. The three-day engagement took place in the Moyamba District Council Hall, Bonthe District Council Hall-Mattru Jong and the Bo City Council chambers respectively on the 17th, 18th and 19th April, 2024. 

Highlighting the contents of the three Systems ReviewReports, Patrick Sandi said that the Commission’s goal is to minimize corruption which is why systems reviews are conducted in MDAs to reduce the risk of corruption or corrupt practices in institutions. He told the participants that the Commission is popularizing the reports across regions so that public servants who are working in the regions get the opportunity to know the contents of the reports and to askquestions on areas they do not understand. 

Patrick Sandi furthered that the issues found in the reports cut across almost all MDAs in terms of fleet and fuel management, proper documentations, procurement, Human Resource, Audit etc. He urged MDAs to implement the recommendations proffered by the ACC in order to strengthen those weaknesses identified and avoid sanctions upon failure to comply. He added that the Commission believes in corruption prevention “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of flesh” he underscored.  Director Sandi encouraged MDAs to collaborate with the ACC to combat corruption in their institutions by complying with implementation of the recommendations in the Reports

Concluding his presentation, Mr. Sandi encouraged public officers required by law to declare their income, assets and liabilities to do so before the extended deadline of April, 30, as 2024 is a declaration year.  

Giving an overview of the roles and functions of the Prevention Department, Information Officer ACC, Amie Massaquoi, said as mandated in section 7 and 8 of the Anti-Corruption Act of 2008 as amended in 2019, the Prevention Department functions as a tool to prevent corruption in institutions by assessing systemic gaps and proffering recommendations and ensuring institutions comply with implementations. She said the Prevention Department is one of the strategic arms of the Commission, with three units which are; the Systems and Processes Review Unit, Monitoring and Compliance Unit and Policy and Ethics Unit, with separate roles and functions to play within the Department.  In a bid to prevent corruption inMDAs, the prevention Department of the ACC conducts robust and comprehensive Systems Review in MDAs. 

Earlier in the engagement, Public Education Officer, Hawa Deen Conteh who spoke on the purpose of the meeting gave a brief update on the work of the Commission and the fight against corruption, highlighting the huge recoveries made, International and National accolades bagged, ACC’s progress in International Indexes etc.  

The meetings were chaired in Moyamba by Mohamed A. Kabba, the Deputy Chief Administrator, Moyamba District Council; in Mattru Jong by Hassan M. Sheriff the Human Resource Officer, Bonthe District Council, and in Bo, by Henry Powell, the Ag. Chief Administrator, Bo City Council. They emphasized on the good work of the ACC and urged MDAs to comply with recommendations contained in the Reports to ensure and enhance effective service delivery.