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The ACC has carried out Intelligence-led sting operation in the southern Province along road leading to Liberia in order to forstall the massive corruption and exploitation of drivers and passengers at checkpoints by the police, military and immigrations officers. The raid is based on a tip off received from several members of the public that their movement is being unnecessarily impeded and drivers have to incur heavy cost whch translates into their fees charged by having to pay Le15,000 per car to pass through those check points. Those moneys are then later shared between the officers at the end of the day.

Before the sting operation, ACC intelligence two weeks ago carried out reconnaissance and surveillance mission that confirmed the report of rampant collusion between police, Military, and immigration officers stationed in that area.

The ACC' Investigators' precision sting was carried out on Wednesday 6th March 2019 at Mogboyor Chekpoint along Mokanji-Moriba Town Highway in the Moyamba District , leading to the arrest of 5 persons for corrupt practices. Among those arrested are, one (1) traffic police officer, two (2) OSD Officers, one (1) immigration officer and one (1) Military Officer; all of whom were caught on tape carrying out the corrupt entreprise.

All five (5) arrested persons are now held in custody of the Commission while investigations continue.

The ACC will engage heads of all departments and forces involved and share with them details of the sting operation and the intelligence and evidence gathered so that they can take appropriate action to prevent the continuance of similar acts in other parts of the country.

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