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By: Sylvanus Blake, PRO-ACC

The Deputy Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Augustine Foday Ngobie has, on Monday 9th October, 2023, at the Mankind's Activities for Development Accredited Movement (MADAM) Conference Centre in Makeni, North-Eastern Sierra Leone 🇸🇱, told participants that the re-engineered GRM Handbook is the tool box that will be in the hands of all stakeholders concerned with the implementation of all Social Safety Net (SSN) projects and programs and admonished participants to fully digest and scrupulously implement its contents.

The Deputy ACC Czar made these statements while addressing over fifty (50) participants drawn from the ACC, National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), National Youth Commission (NYCOM), Ministry of Youth Affairs (MOYA), and the Freetown City Council (FCC) that are charged with the roll-out of the GRM in the Productive Social Safety Net and Youth Employment (PSSNYE) program and all other SSN projects.

Mr. Ngobie further encouraged all present to continue to manifest dedication to the project. He said that the roll-out of the ACC superintended GRM in SSN projects have been the most successful according to assessments by donors.

 "This acclaimed milestone, which has contributed to the overall positive impact of SSN projects on many beneficiaries, has made Sierra Leone's 🇸🇱 GRM a model that would be emulated and replicated in other countries implementing the GRM" Mr. Ngobie stated.

He urged all to treat the training with the seriousness it deserves and to ensure uniform, fair, and unbiased redress of all grievances in the PSSNYE and other related projects.                                                      

The Senior Director of Social Protection NaCSA, Idriss Turay, in his statement, encouraged staff present to take the training seriously and apply the knowledge that will be acquired for a successful roll-out of the GRM. He also stated that though the PSSNYE and its related fundings are Grants, they are restricted, adding that, only approved activities will be implemented.

He underscored that the GRM does not only provide for the reporting of corruption related issues, but all other grievances, misconceptions, knowledge, and deliverable gaps, etc connected with the implementation of the PSSNYE and other SSN projects.

"The GRM has revolved and expanded. We now have other partners like MoYA, NAYCOM, and the Council. We must all ensure a thorough understanding of this GRM Handbook and commit to its full implementation. This is critical and hence this training" Mr Turay averred.

The five days training which will span from Monday 9th October, to Friday 13th October, 2023, will drill deep into the GRM Handbook and provide participants with sufficient knowledge, skills and aptitude for a successful roll-out of the project.

The opening was chaired by the Projects Coordinator, ACC, Patrick Morovia. The participants include, the GRM Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and Data Analysts, Chief Administrator of the Freetown City Council and other project staff.

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