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 By: Alhaji A.K. Bangura, Senior Communications Officer.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Monday 13th May, 2024 held an engagement with students of the Blue Crest College, at the College’s Wilkinson Road Campus in Freetown. The engagement was meant to share vital messages on issues of integrity in the educational sector.

Giving an overview of the work of the ACC and key corruption related issues in the educational sector, Head of Outreach Unit, ACC, Al-Hassan Sesay, emphasized on the gains and successes of the ACC under the astute leadership of Francis Ben Kaifala Esq.Mr. Sesaydisclosed the preventive mechanisms that the Commission uses in the fight against corruption emphasizing on the importance of this approach. “Prevention is one of the approaches we use through public education, systems and processes review, Assets Declaration, among others. Only when these fail, then we resort to enforcement," he added.  He commended the College for the warm reception accorded to them.

Prosecutor at the ACC, Umar Sesay Esq., explained the major corruption offences within the academic sector, and their corresponding penalties as provided for in the Anti-Corruption Act of 2008 (As amended in 2019). He said that pursuant to the said Act, all forms of academic malpractices are criminal offences that attract, upon conviction, a fine of not less than Fifty (50) Thousand Leones (New) Leones or a jail term of not less than five (5) years or both.

Senior Communications Officer, ACC, Alhaji A. K. Bangura, whilst chairing the event stated that the engagement was intended to solicit the support, and most importantly admonish students and university authorities to refrain from engaging in any acts of corruption, and recruit them as integrity ambassadors. “It is part of the Commission's mandate to prevent corruption through public education in a bid to also prevent the commission of corruption offences,” he noted.

The Senior Communications Officer warned students against making attempts to induce lecturers to get an undue advantage, stating that it is a punishable offence, whilst advising lecturers not to yield into such attempts. “Section 28 and 33 of the 2008 Anti-Corruption Act (as amended in 2019) criminalizes bribery and corrupting a public officer, respectively,” he disclosed.

ACC’s Communications Officer, Martina George, explained on how to report instances of corruption, adding that there is adequate protection of informants and whistleblowers. Madam George shared out the Commission’s toll-free lines of 8515 and 077-985-985/077-986-986.

Earlier, in her welcome address, Neneh Sallay Kalokoh, Head, Student Service Executive of Blue Crest College, expressed her appreciation on behalf of the College for the sensitization drive. She assured the Commission of her institution’s commitment to sustained partnership in instilling integrity values within the learning environment. She entreated the students and staff to imbibe these values and provide endless support to the national fight against corruption.