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Friday 15th February, 2019.

The Southern Regional Office of the Anti Corruption Commission, has embarked on a massive meet-the-school campaign; starting on Monday 13th February 2019, with the Methodist High school Bo, where pupils were sensitized on the ills of bribery and corruption in schools and how it undermines the free quality education.

Making a presentation on the topic; "PREVENTING BRIBERY TO ENHANCE FREE QUALITY EDUCATION", the Senior Public Education Officer, Almamy Lahai Kamara, engaged the pupils in an interactive session about what bribery is and how deviating from same would enhance their academic productivity, instill integrity in them, and prepare them for future leadership roles. He posed several questions about intergrity and moral uprightness in fighting bribery in schools.

A representative from the CDIID of the Sierra Leone Police(SLP), Gbessay Kamara, briefed pupils on the role of the SLP towards the Pay No Bribe(PNB). He stated that the SLP was committed towards ensuring that they provide services to the people at no cost, as they are a public entity whose primary aim to service delivery, and not profit making. He therefore solicited their support in resisting to give bribes at Police stations. He further encouraged pupils to always report any case of bribery involving a Police Officer to the CDIID of the SLP.

Giving a general overview of the Pay No Bribe(PNB), the Regional Manager of ACC, South, Musa Bala Jawara, said the PNB was an anonymous platform created to report cases of bribery all over the country. He encouraged the pupils to resist, reject and report bribery especially in the schools.

The campaign will be extended to various schools within the municipality.