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 The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has concluded a two-day training workshop for members of the University of Sierra Leone (USL) Theatre Group. The objective of the training is to introduce the group to the general work of the Commission, provide them with knowledge about corruption issues and enlist them as anti-graft campaigners.

The training, which took place at the USL Conference Room, Fourah Bay College, on the 1st and 2nd November, 2021, was organized by the theatre group, with support from the ACC.

Speaking at the start of the training, Mamadu Jalloh, president of the USL Theatre Group, admonished his team to commit themselves to learning about the fight against corruption, as they as performers have a role to educate whilst entertaining people. He said the event is to have them understand about the work of the Commission, and be prepared to create plays and skits on corruption, for their upcoming radio series, that will have students as their primary targets. 

Communications Officer of the ACC, Alex A. Bah, served as facilitator of the training. He introduced the trainees to the work of the Commission, and the role of students in the fight against corruption. He encouraged them to be particular about their conduct going forward, as they are expected to be role models. He explained some of the corruption offences listed in the Anti-Corruption Commission Act of 2008 as amended in 2019.

The Communications Officer also explained the three-prong approach of public education, prevention and enforcement employed by the ACC to fight the scourge of corruption. He went further to talk about the work and functions of the various departments of the Commission. During the question and answer session, the participants registered their commitment to the fight against corruption.