An independent institution established for the prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of corruption, corrupt practices and to provide for other related matters. 

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Address:  Integrity House, Tower Hill, Freetown Sierra Leone, West Africa.


David Yusuf Kabia, Public Education Officer, ACC (June, 2021)

We define corruption

excluding our portion

Playing the saint

Yet others we want to paint.


We condemn today

which was even yesterday

because today is not ours

when we had all the powers.


To you, the ACC is bias

because it fires

against your target

but killing the real target.


But how many meat

did you bring us to eat

when you had all the bullets?

Instead you made the wild pets.


Our evil maths we call small

but that of others we call a wall

separating us from paradise

when we all are soaked in this vice.


We can't fight it divided

nor be one sided.

We must bite even our skin

if it causes us to sin.


It's not a fight for Saints

who've never seen taints

but for the willing minded

who've been tribally and politically blinded.


Like a choir team,

different sounds sweeten the hymn.

So in this fight,

we'll have a right.