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Public Education & External Outreach Department (PE&EOD) of the ACC, engages staff of the Freetown International Airport- Lungi. Thursday 20th December, 2018.

The Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone on Thursday 20th December 2018, conducted a customized meeting for staff of the Freetown International Airport, in Lungi. The meeting came about as a result of an invitation sent to the ACC by the newly appointed General Manager of the Freetown International Airport. The Deputy General Manager of the Freetown International Airport, Mr. Jack Massaquoi--who also served as Chairman of the event-- was quick to note that the new administration's vision of having the Airport meet international standards, should ensure that integrity and strict adherence to stipulated rules, constitute the cornerstone of all their operations.

Deputy Director of Public Education & External Outreach Department of the ACC, Mr. Alhassan Kargbo, made the presentation on behalf of the ACC, on the topic: "Corruption Offences and Sanctions in the ACC Act 2008: Upholding Integrity in the Workplace"
According to Mr. Kargbo, the ability of the state to provide for the basic social amenities of its citizens lies in the seriousness and effectiveness of its fight against corruption. He said, "The need for staff of the Freetown International Airport to be the champions of demonstrating high levels of integrity in the discharge of their duties cannot be overemphasised. You are the first point of contact for all international investors, development partners, and international tourists that visit Sierra Leone; therefore it is absolutely necessary for you to be efficient, deligient in your dealings with them, as this will to a large extent influence the perception they will end up having of our country. First impression is very important."
The dialogue session also saw the Deputy Director of PE&EOD of the ACC take participants through on the actions that constitute the 27 offences established in the ACC Act of 2008. "Many Sierra Leoneans normally misunderstand the offences that the ACC has the mandate to investigate and where necessary, prosecute. As a result, our offices across the country are currently overwhelmed by reports from citizens. Most of these offences do not fall under our categorization of corrupt offences. That is why public education events of such nature on the work of ACC, forms an integral part of our operations as a Commission", Mr. Kargbo enthused. He reminded the audience that a line has been drawn on corruption by the current Commissioner of the ACC, and that pronouncement is fully backed by the abundance of political will that the ACC currently enjoys.

The meeting which coincided with the annual Airport Facilitation Committee Meeting, saw participants from different service providers within the Freetown International Airport, Lungi.

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