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 The Regional Manager of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in Kono District, Hawanatu O. Kamara has told staff of Statistics Sierra Leone to resist and reject all forms of corruption in the discharge of their duties. She made this statement during a customized meeting held at the office of the District Statistician in Koidu City, on 22nd August 2022.

Explaining the purpose of the meeting, the Regional Manager Hawanatu O Kamara said, the Commission is meeting with Statistics Sierra Leone for two reasons; one, to sensitize them about the dangers of corruption and the other is in respect of a complaint received from the public.

She continued saying that corruption remains a serious challenge and an impediment to development in Sierra Leone. Mrs. Kamara described corruption as an obstacle to effective service delivery and also jeopardizes Government's efforts towards poverty alleviation and development.

Manager Hawanatu furthered that corrupt practices range from petty corruption whereby bribes are solicited from public servants for preferential treatment or access to a particular service. She explained offences in the Anti-Corruption Act of 2008 as amended in 2019, relating to offering, soliciting and accepting advantage, soliciting an advantage for a public officer, misappropriation of public and donor funds and property, abuse of office, failing to comply with the ACC’s recommendations to name but a few.

Hawa Deen Conteh, Public Education Officer ACC Kono Office, in her presentation said that corruption is an enemy of the State. She encouraged her listeners to be transparent and accountable in all projects they undertook, adding that, Statistics Sierra Leone is an important organ of development in the country due to its mandate. She therefore urged the staff to exhibit high levels of integrity and ethical standards in the discharge of their duties, which is to gather accurate data noting also that, accurate data will guide Government and international organizations to make sound and informed decisions about areas that need development.

Earlier, in his welcome address, District Statistician Morie Amara expressed gratitude for the customized meeting and ACC’s intervention in regard the complaint received from field workers that assisted in conducting the 2021 census. He stated that the office is not only gathering data for Government but also for private institutions and international organizations. Mr. Amara furthered that his office is determined to fight corruption and maintain high level of integrity in the discharge of their duties at all times.

Questions and answers session, and the presentation of ACC's Information, Education and Communication materials formed part of the engagement.

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