An independent institution established for the prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of corruption, corrupt practices and to provide for other related matters. 

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In promoting the rule of law, the ACC is engaged in corruption preventive activities by encouraging both private and public sector institutions to comply with recommended ethical policies   in the dispense of their official duties. To this end, the Public Education and External Outreach Department of the Anti – Corruption Commission holds customized meetings with Ministries Departments and Agencies. In one of its most recent institutional approaches to prevent corruption, the ACC has just completed a customized meeting with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These meetings are held and serve as barricades against the incidences of corruption.

Dr. Kolleh Bangura of the EPA, in his opening statement pointed out that the EPA was given the golden award as a result of an efficient job culture in their agency. In order to maintain such a high performance, it was necessary for EPA to add value to their work by building high integrity systems. This was the reason for requesting the ACC’s sensitization.

While making her statement, Deputy Director of Public Education; Ms. Sankoh compared the functions of EPA to those of the ACC, justifying why the two need to partner in carrying out their various mandates. She said the ACC is involved in the promotion of the rule of law, in preventing corruption by putting systems in place and monitoring compliance and by public education and sensitization just as the EPA. With these functions, Ms. Sankoh stressed that it is necessary for the EPA to establish higher standards of integrity in order to continue to succeed.  She encouraged participants to take advantage of the workshop and implement the acquired knowledge.


Mr. Mohamed Kromah, Head of Policy and Ethics Unit ACC spoke on ethical and professional standards in the work place. He touched on job culture and the attitude to work. He dwelled on efficiency and effectiveness of individuals in EPA. Mrs. Evelyn Kuyateh, Deputy Director of Intelligence, Investigations and Prosecution discussed the various corruption offences in the AC Act 2008. She explained the difference between a gift and a bribe, conflict of interest, misappropriation of government/donor funds and many other offences relevant to the operations of EPA.


Madam Zainab Othman presented on the relevance of asset declaration, responsibilities and liabilities of staff. She said that asset disclosure is a tool which would vindicate the individual when he is wrongfully accused of corruption.  


The session was climaxed with a plenary session which gave opportunity for question and answers discussions on how the EPA could complement the ACC in the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone.