An independent institution established for the prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of corruption, corrupt practices and to provide for other related matters. 

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Address:  Integrity House, Tower Hill, Freetown Sierra Leone, West Africa.


Prosecutions / Case Statistics

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2. 17 THE STATE VS SULAIMAN BON MONYA KOROMA AND ANOTHER JUSTICE ABUBAKKAR KONA Trial to commence on the 12 July 2018 at BO. 18 THE STATE VS JULIAN CAREY AND ANOTHER (BO) Both Accused persons absconded. Matter held pending their arrest. 19 THE STATE VS WILLIAM CONTEH, YEVINA SESAY AND VICTOR COLE CHIEF JUSTICE CHARM Matter taken over by Prosecutor Nigel Davies. Prosecution Closing Address filed and served on Defense Counsel. Awaiting judgment. 20 THE STATE V. ISHA JOHANSEN AND CHRISTOPHER KAMARA JUSTICE REGINALD FYNN SLFA - Prosecution case closed. Matter adjourned to 20 July 2018 for continuation of trial. 21 THE STATE V. ABDUL MUTALIB KAMARA AND FOUR OTHERS JUSTICE ALUSINE SESAY SLNSC - Prosecution case. Key witness outside of the jurisdiction in SA. To arrange for his attendance . 22 THE STATE V. IVAN MARK BABATUNDE DIXON JUSTICE MONFRED SESAY Misappropriation of Public property (Fertilizer) Prosecution and Defence cases closed. Prosecution to file Additional Address for judgment 23 THE STATE VS EMMANUEL T UCKER AND ANOTHER (BO) JUSTICE STEVENS Misappropriation of donor funds (Anglican Diocese of Bo. Prosecution’s first witness still testifying. 24 THE STATE VS AKUNA DANIEL S. SAWYER AND SEVEN OTHERS JUSTICE KOMBA KAMANDA Prosecution to lead two more witnesses before arranging for key witness outside the jurisdiction to attend the trial. She is a Ugandan accountant 25 THE STATE V. DONALD WALTER COKER AND MOSES VANDI JUSTICE BROWNE - MARKE Judgment has been pending since 2010. 26 THE STATE VS CHARLES KOMBA MARAH AND TAMBA FAYIA JUSTICE BROWNE MARKE Judgment pending since 2012 27 THE STATE VS BORBOR DEEN BANGURA JUSTICE BROWNE - MARKE Judgment pending since 2013

1. CURRENT CASES IN COURT S/NO NAME OF CASE JUDGE STATUS 1 THE STATE V s SORIE GINDEH KAMARA CHIEF JUSTICE CHARM Matter involves the misappropriation of public funds by a Tax Officer. Since 2013 the matter has been adjourned for a ruling on a No Case Submission 2 THE STATE V s . DAUDA HAMID KAMARA AND TWO OTHERS JUSTICE DON BOSCO ALLIEU First Prosecution witness still testifying. Matter involves the misappropriation of donor funds by the staff of GOAL 3 THE STATE V s . PETER CONTEH JUSTICE ALUSINE SESAY Misappropriation of Donor Funds (STEWARD) 4 THE STATE V s . AHMED BANGURA JUSTICE ALUSINE SESAY Awaiting Judgment 5 THE STATE V s . AHMED KAMARA AND OTHERS Awaiting Ruling on a No Case Submission 6 THE STATE V s . MOHAMED A. S. KOROMA JUSTICE DON BOSCO ALLIEU To be arraigned on the 13 July 2018 7 THE STATE V s . JOHN AMARA AND ANOTHER JUSTICE MONFRED SESAY Awaiting Judgment 8 SIA ALPHA JUSTICE DON BOSCO ALLIUE Matter initiated before PAUL J. Trial de novo to be undertaken. 9 THE STATE V s . BEN FORNA JUSTICE KOMBO KAMANDA To be arraigned on the 18 September 2018 10 THE STATE V s . JOHN AMARA AND IBRAHIM BAH JUSTICE MONFRED SESAY Conspiracy to commit a corruption offence. Awaiting Judgment 11 THE STATE V s . IBRAHIM KAMARA JUSTICE DON BOSCO ALLIEU Impersonating an officer of the ACC. Final Prosecution witness, the reafter Prosecution to close its case. 12 THE STATE V s . JAMES STEVENS JUSTICE KOMBA KAMANDA Conspiracy to commit a Corruption offence Prosecution leading its second witness. 13 THE STATE Vs KENNETH KPAKA AND SEVEN OTHERS JUSTICE IVAN SESAY Misappropriation of donated property, managed under the supervision of WFP. Commenced by C.T. Mantsebo before JUSTICE HALLOWAY. 14 Last Prosecution witness to be 15 called. 14 THE STATE VS IBRAHIM SUMA (ROSS ROAD HIGH COURT ) JUSTICE GANDA Awaiting judgment 15 THE STATE VS JOHN NABIE (BO) JUSTICE STEVENS Judgment delivered 16 THE STATE VS ABUBAKKAR SIDIQUE TURAY JUSTICE ABUBAKKAR KONA Misappropriation of public Funds. Prosecution case closed.


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