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EOI - Advert for Endline Evaluation-2

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3. SELECTION CRITERIA 1. Relevant qualification of the staff. 2. The extent of the individual’s work experience. 3. The methodology in carrying out the assignment. 4. The Consultant’s workplan. HOW TO APPLY Please note that consultant will be selected based on the Individual Consultant Selection Method prescribed in the NPPA Act 2016. An original copy and two (2) photo copies of the Expression of Interest must be delivered in a sealed envelope clearly marked “ EOI FOR ENDL INE EVALUATION ” and delivered to the address below no later than 15 th March 2023 to the address below: Procurement Unit Anti Corruption Commission 3 Gloucester Street Cathedral House Freetown. Please note that this Expression of Interest is not a Request for Proposal and therefore financial proposals are not required to be submitted with the Expression of Interest.

1. THE ANTI - CORRUPTION COMMISSION REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST TO CARRY OUT ENDLINE EVALUATION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NATIONAL ANTI - CORRUPTION STRATEGY (NACS 2019 - 2023) (INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANCY ) Post Title Endlin e Evaluation of the NACS 2019 – 2023. Country of Assignment Sierra Leone Start Date April 2023. Assignment Duration 2 M onths. Procurement Number ACC /NACS/RFP/001/2023 BACKGROUND The Anti Corruption Commission has received fund s from the government of Sierra Leone and intend s to us e part for the recruitment of a consultant to undertake an end line evaluation of the NACS Implementation Action Plan 2019 – 2023. The NACS (2019 – 2023) is Sierra Leone’s national plan to orchestrate anti - corruption efforts. It seeks to bring on board the various pillars of integrity in the fight against corruption with the main objective of improving the delivery of public services that are effective in the prevention and control of corruption. NACS is at the core of the effective implementation of the Strategy. Since the launch of the current NACS, the Commission has undertaken a number of initiatives to ensure effective implementation with tangible signs of progress. For instance, Integrity Management Committees (IMCs) have been established in 100% of the local councils and over 95% of MDAs; majority of these entities have developed their own workplans and submitted to the periodic monitoring of progress attained in the implementation. The National Anti - Corruption Steering Committee has been establishe d and has taken its responsibilities of overseeing the implementation. The Committee provides a vehicle for leveraging political capital in support of the implementation. Given that the role of the NACS is coordinating and empowering MDAs to fulfil their m andates, the responsibility for implementing the Strategy lies with the public sector thereby making the fight a truly national endeavour. IMCs take the lead in the implementation of the NACS in their respective MDAs. OBJECTIVES The specific objectives of the endline evaluation are to:  Ascertain whether or not the implementation of the NACS achieved its objectives in terms of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and impact.  Assess the performance of MDAs, highlight achievements and best practices to inform succeeding generations of national anti - corruption strategies implementation.  Based on the findings of the study, to identify lessons learned and provide concrete or actionable recommendations which can be used as a feedback to improve future

2. crafting and implementation of the NACS.  Identify and assess the main constraints and challenges associated with the implementation of the NACS. SCOPE OF THE WORK 1. Develop a detailed workplan outlining the processes to be engaged in in the endline evaluation. The work plan is to be presented to and approved by the NACS . 2. Conduct a comprehensive desk review of the relevant documents, including the current Strategy, the NACS Implementation Action Plan, the monitoring reports for 2021, 2022 and 2023, learning and sharing. 3. C onduct interviews with key personalities including Council Chairmen/Mayors/ Chief Administrators/ Integrity Committee Members/ Focal Persons in selected MDAs and Local Councils across the public sector. 4. Gather anecdotal evidence on the effectiveness, efficie ncy and sustainability of the activities successfully implemented by MDAs and Councils. 5. Identify and develop priority issues and action points that will support a more effective implementation mechanism. DELIVERABLES The consultant is expected to lead, accomplish and submit the following deliverables within the agreed timeframe and budget: 1. An inception report - will serve as an agreement on how the evaluation will be conducted i.e. Revised Workplan. 2. Draft Report detai ling outcomes of the evaluation. 3. Validated Report . 4. Final Report. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  An advanced Degree in Social Sciences, Data Processing, Project Management, Development Studies or related field.  Five years’ experience in perfor ming similar assignments.  Experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Projects especially on transparency and accountability.  Experience in working in an anti - corruption environment will be an additional advantage.  Proven communication and presen tation skills with multiple actors.  Must have adequate knowledge on the operations of the public sector including the sub - national Government.  Proven record of knowledge and practical experience in performing similar assignments in the past years.  Adequate analytical and IT proven skills are required.


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