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EOI for Canteen

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2.  Furnishing and m aintaining of the canteen during the period under contract while increasing current levels of satisfaction with. 1.3 SCOPE OF WORK The caterer will manage and run the canteen attached to the ground floor of the Integrity House of the Anti Corruption Commission The caterer is expected to furnish the canteen with up to date facilities ranging from tables , chairs, television etc . The cat erer should be financially solvent to be able to pre - finance request for programs organized by the Commission. Be able to provide cleaning services for the canteen areas and its environs . The caterer should provide proper bins for throwing refuse from the kitchen, dining area and shall arrange separately for the disposal of such refuse. Be able to provide local, African, and intercontinental dishes at affordable cost. The c aterer shall provide cutlery items and shall also ensure that the cutleries , crocke ry etc in which food and beverages are served are properly and hygienically cleaned. The caterer shall provide to his catering staff appropriate dress/uniform, apron, gloves etc. The caterer shall pay a rent and fee to the Commission for the use of it off ice space (The fee will take into consideration Electricity, Water supply and Security) 1.4 SELECTION CRITERIA 1. The experience of the Caterer in providing the above services 2. The financial provision and capacity of the Caterer 3. The availability of cooking and serving staff with appropriate dress 4. The Business must be registered 5. The Menu of the services to be provided and the cost attached 1.5 DURATION OF THE CONTRACT The Contract is expected to last for an initial period of 12 months, which is renewable provided staff received satisfactory services . This can be extended up to 3 years at the discretion of the Management . Subsequent extension of services is by mutual agreement which shall be based on rent, accommodation and other cr iteria as may be determin ed by M anagement.

3. 1.6 HOW TO APPLY An original copy and two (2) photocopies of the Expression of Interest must be delivered in a sealed envelope clearly marked “ EOI FOR CANTEEN SERVICES ” and delivered to the address below no later than 12:00 noon 21st June, 2023 to the address below: Procurement Unit Anti Corruption Commission Integrity House Tower Hill , Freetown.

1. ANTI CORRUPTION COMMISSION INTEGRITY HOUSE TOWER HILL, FREETOWN EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI ) FOR THE OPERATION OF AN OFFICE CANTEEN AT THE ANTI CO RRUPTION COMMISSION HEADQUARTERS BUILDING TOWER HILL FREETOWN. PROCUREMENT NO: ACC/ADMIN/EOI/002/2023 Date of Issue: 13 th June , 2023 1.0 BACKBROUND The Anti Corruption Commission has completed its own building named “ Integrity Hous e” which will now host its entire staff in an ultra modern four storey building. The current staff capacity will be to the tune of 200. The building made provision for the establishment of a staff canteen to be managed by suitable and qualified perso n nel to operate the facility. The incumbent shall pay a percentage on their returns p eriodically to the Commission as a way of rent emolument . T he higher the returns the more attractive the proposal. The Commission is therefore seeking credible Facilities Management firms or individual s to manage the canteen on an annual basis subject to r enewal. 1.1 LOCATION AND CAPACITY The Canteen is located on the ground floor of the newly constructed ACC Headquarter Building located at Tower Hill. It has a total floor space of 19.6ft by 24.8ft. A kitchen, store and sink for the preparation of food on a minimal scale . In addition, there is a VIP Lounge for senior staff and other dignitaries. There is also a provision of ramps for disabled staff and internal toilet facilities . 1.2 Objective The objective of this initiative is to identify a facilities management service provider with an experience in providing catering services that can drive and demonstrate significant staff satisfac tion while maintaining or improving the quality of service.  Provide quality food, drinks and ancillary services for staff of the Commission at an affordable cost.


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