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PRESS RELEASE on 2016 convictions

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1. ANTI - CORRUPTION COMMISSION CATHEDRAL HOUSE 3 GLOUCESTER STREET FREETOWN SIERRA LEONE, WEST AFRICA TEL: 232 - 22 221468 FAX: 232 - 22 221900 Date: 8 th February 2016 PRESS RELEASE ACC SECURES CONVI CTIONS The High Court Holden in Freetown , presided by the Honorable Justice Alusine Sesay, on 2 nd February 2016 convicted former staff of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) ; Victor Hugo Kamara, Mediat ion Officer East, and Robert Paine , M ediation and Program Manager, for various corrupt offences; including conspiracy to commit a corruption offence, failure to comply with applicable procedures and guidelines rela ting to the management of funds, misappropriation of public funds , offering and accepting an advantage, all contrary to the Anti - Corruption Act 2008. The two men, in their capacities as PPRC officials, conspired to misappropriate public funds meant to promote political party dialogue and non - violence campaigns in the Eastern Region p rior to, and after the November 17, 2012 Presidential, Parliamentary , and Local Council Elections. The High Court found Victor Hugo Kamara guilty on 18 counts of corruption offences and was fine d the sum of Thirty Million Leones (Le : 30.000.000 ) or serve three years imprisonment . The Judge further ordered Mr. Kamara to pay another Thirty Million Leones (Le : 30.000.000 ) to the PPRC as restitution. Robert Paine was found guilty on three counts , and w as fined the sum of Twenty Millions Leones (Le: 20.000.000) , or serve two years imprisonment . The judge further ord e red Mr. Paine to pay as restitution to the PPRC the sum of Ten Million, Four Hundred Thousand Leones (Le: 10 ,400.000 ) . The other accused, Mr. Abraham John , was acquitted and discharged on all counts . T he Commission wishes to register its appreciation to the PPRC for its support and cooperation in the prosecution of this matter. Mr. Abdulrahman Mansaray represented the State as prosecuting counsel. ..........................................


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